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The State Early Childhood Advisory Council provides counsel to the governor on issues related to young children and their families. SECAC is comprised of experts in education, health care, child welfare, and mental health and serves as the central meeting place for all stakeholders in Mississippi’s early childhood system, including the early care and education workforce, parents, and the general public. Building on the state and SECAC’s past achievements in the early childhood system, the council is working to create an environment that will prepare Mississippi’s children to become outstanding students, engaged citizens, successful professionals, and responsible parents.

The work of the council is carried out by three committees. The Early Learning and Care Committee works to promote quality early child education experiences for all of Mississippi’s children by ensuring that all child care and early learning programs can provide a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment. The Health, Mental Health, and Nutrition Committee works to explore best practices and indicators to aid parents, children, and providers to reach their maximum potential through aligned resources, services, and policies in thecore areas of health, mental health, nutrition, safety, and physical health. The Family Support Committee works to promote an integrated network of community-based resources and services that strengthen practices that foster stability of families and the healthy development of children.

In collaboration with the Mississippi Department of Human Services, SECAC released a strategic plan for Mississippi’s early childhood system in December 2016. The future of early childhood in Mississippi shall be underpinned by common case management, a collaborative service referral process, and an integrated data system unlike any other in the country. Download the strategic plan using the link below.

A Family-Based Unified and Integrated Early Childhood System