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The Mississippi Department of Human Services is the lead agency for the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF). The CCDF state plan was prepared by the MDHS Division of Early Childhood Care and Development (DECCD) in consultation with other state leaders, the State Early Childhood Advisory Council, key stakeholders, and the general public.

DECCD provided several opportunities for members of the public and key stakeholders to share their feedback regarding the state plan before it was submitted to the Administration for Children and Families.

DECCD hosted a series of public hearings throughout the state in order to solicit input regarding the state plan while DECCD was still in the process of drafting the state plan. Download the comments received during these hearings. These proceedings were informal. Also available is a copy of the presentation slides presented during these hearings.

DECCD also hosted a series of eight webinars focusing on each section of the state-plan document. Webinar participants were able to provide feedback to DECCD while DECCD was still in the process of writing the plan. Slides and participant comments from the webinar series are included below:

Download the transcript of the public hearing held on Feb 19, 2016. 

Parents, providers, and stakeholders were invited to use an online web form to submit public comments at any time. The web form was designed to solicit feedback from individuals who did not have the time to attend a webinar or public hearing. Comments received through the web form after the publicized deadline of February 25, 2016, were not reviewed. Download the official record of comments received.