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Child Care Payment Program COVID-19 “Coronavirus” Updates

Executive Orders Issued by Governor Tate Reeves                                                                                  

Click HERE to view the orders issued by Governor Reeves in response to the COVID-19 “Coronavirus” pandemic. Any and all executive orders related to COVID-19 will be posted to this page.

Guidance for Child Care Programs

CDC Supplemental Guidance For Child Care Programs That Remain Open

CDC Print Resources

Click HERE to view recommended practices that can help protect against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Click HERE  to view recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) on “How to Handwash.”

Child Care Payments/Certificate Program                                                                                                   

Updated 3/19/2020: All providers participating in the CCDF program will be paid for March 2020 based on the number of children enrolled regardless of attendance as long as the child attended at least one day in March. Payments for April 2020 will be based on enrollment regardless of attendance, meaning a child would not need to attend in April for a provider to be paid as long as the child is still enrolled. Payments will occur for March and April even if a provider chooses to temporarily close during these months.

Child Care Licensure                                                                                                                                           

MDHS is in contact with the administration at the Mississippi State Department of Health.  As of now, the Health Department is not recommending closure of child care programs.  The Health Department is recommending that child care centers follow the same CDC guidelines included below. If at any time, Child Care Licensure does recommend closure, MDHS will notify providers as soon as possible.  Our office recommends keeping open communication with your licensing official regarding any decisions that the Health Department may make. If you decide to voluntarily close your center, please send an email to tell us you are closing at

COVID-19 Information & Recommendations                                                                                               

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has a list of guidelines that child care centers can use.  Click HERE. Please bookmark this link.  The CDC continues to update this link as more information becomes available. 

U.S. Small Business Association                                                                                                                      

The US SBA is offering guidance on dealing with COVID-19 and maintains an economic disaster loan program for situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.  Click HERE to learn more.

Child Care Aware Guidance                                                                                                                              

Many child care providers have expressed concern on whether to stay open or close down during the COVID-19 crisis.  MDHS cannot mandate or recommend closure of child care programs, however Child Care Aware has produced a flowchart that can offer guidance to child care programs regarding possible closure.  Click HERE for the link to the flowchart.

Office of Child Nutrition – Mississippi Department of Education                                            

There are many schools that are offering meals to children during COVID-19 related closures.  For a list of the schools serving meals, a list of current school closures and more click HERE.

Interactive Map: Mississippi COVID-19 Cases

Click HERE to view the map from the Mississippi State Department of Health.