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What is SECAC?

The State Early Childhood Advisory Council (SECAC) is an advisory council that seeks to establish a higher quality early childhood system that will meet the educational and developmental needs of Mississippi’s children.

When was SECAC founded?

Constituted in 2008 through an executive order by Governor Haley Barbour, SECAC was established as an advisory body comprised of members that contribute and oversee Mississippi’s early childhood system.

What is the legislative authority for SECAC?

In 2013, the Mississippi Legislature passed Senate Bill No. 2395 to expand the membership of SECAC (to include representatives from childcare providers) and its leadership role within Mississippi’s early childhood system.

How can I learn more about the founding of SECAC?

Click here.

What does SECAC do?

SECAC wembers work together to develop a strategic plan for Mississippi’s early childhood system. SECAC presents an opportunity for these members and those in the public to discuss current challenges within their work and coordinate efforts, programs, and resources to support children birth to 5 years old.

How often do SECAC members meet?

The council meets monthly, usually the fourth Thursday of each month. Members also meet within committees aligned to their annual goals. The council may also establish additional meetings to commission reports, convene summits, or organize listening opportunities. Click here for a schedule of upcoming meetings. All meetings are open to the public and shall be compliant with the Open Meetings Act.

Who are the members of SECAC?

Members of SECAC, appointed by the governor, represent organizations across Mississippi’s early childhood system. To ensure an equitable distribution of SECAC members across the field of early childhood, the Mississippi Legislature passed specific membership requirements in Senate Bill No. 2395. Members include representatives from state agencies, local education agencies, institutions of higher education, publicly and privately funded child care organizations, and other critical actors from across the state. Click here for a list of current members.


How can I participate?

The public is encouraged to attend all SECAC meetings, which includes the monthly council meetings and committee meetings. During each SECAC meeting, the public is given an opportunity to pose questions or make comments to the council or committee. In addition, the public may submit questions or suggested topics for future SECAC meetings by going here.

How can I learn more about upcoming SECAC meetings?

Please visit How to Stay Updated and Involved to learn more about upcoming meetings and how you can stay involved.