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Welcome parents and guardians! SECAC seeks to support parents and guardians in their role as a child’s most important teacher and advocate. Use the resources below to find child care near your work or home and to learn more about choosing high-quality child care. You will also find information about early childhood health and development, programs and services available to you as a parent or guardian in Mississippi (including doctors and developmental screenings), and links to local laws, rules, and regulations related to child care and education in Mississippi.


I’m looking for:

Child Care Near My Home

Child Care Payment Program

Research and Best Practices Related to my Child’s Health, Development, and Well-Being

Programs and Services for Parents and Children

A Doctor, Developmental Screening, or Other Early Childhood Practitioner

Child Care Laws, Program Rules, and/or State Regulations

How to Report Child Abuse, Program Fraud, or Other Complaint

Contact Information for State Agencies and Community Organizations