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Watch the new video from the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) to learn more about how child care providers can achieve, demonstrate and sustain high-quality early care and learning in Mississippi.

Child care is expensive. Some estimates suggest child care expenses in Mississippi can add up to 26 percent of a family’s total yearly income for just one child. Parents should expect to pay more for high-quality care and education services, as owners and operators must off-set the additional cost of going above and beyond for your child. Each year, a portion of the Child Care and Development Fund is set aside to provide financial assistance in the form of vouchers for low-income families to afford quality child care services. In Mississippi, these set-aside funds are distributed to families through the Child Care Payment Program (CCPP). CCPP is administered by the Division for Early Childhood Care and Development at the Mississippi Department of Human Services. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about CCPP, including who is eligible, how to apply, and how to use your voucher once you’ve been approved for funding. Download a copy of the CCPP Policy Manual.

What is the Child Care Payment Program?

The Child Care Payment Program (CCPP) is designed to provide parents with assistance with child care tuition. Parents must meet income and work requirements to be determined eligible for child care assistance. Eligible children are assessed a rate of assistance based on family size and household income, and parents are assessed a co-payment due directly to their chosen child care provider.

What is a co-payment?

Parents who meet the income and work requirements for participation in CCPP will be responsible for paying their child care provider a monthly co-payment fee in addition to any tuition that is not covered by the rate of assistance offered to the family. For example, if a parent has a child enrolled in AZQ Preschool and the preschool’s tuition rates are $390 per month and CCPP pays $300 per month, the parent is responsible for paying the $90 difference to the child care provider in addition to their monthly co-payment.

Who is eligible for CCPP?

In order to be eligible for child care assistance, a child must be younger than the age of 13 (or younger than 19 if physically or mentally unable of caring for him or herself). Services to any and all populations are dependent upon the availability of funds. Applicants are served based on their position in one of four priority populations. Learn more about eligibility and priority populations by downloading the CCPP Policy Manual (links above and below).

How do I apply?

Families interested in applying for the Child Care Payment Program must complete the online application (MDHS does not accept paper applications). You’ll need to have a working email address before you start. MDHS will communicate with the applicant primarily via email and an email will be delivered once your application is submitted with additional instructions. If you are applying for services for a child that is not your biological child, you must submit the Guardianship Form provided below with the rest of the documentation described in the application and follow-up email that will be sent to you at the time of application. The Transitional Living Form is for an applicant who resides at a temporary address and cannot produce a corroborating document. The applicant and applicant’s host must complete and submit the MDHS Transitional Living Form. This form can also be used for anyone who is temporarily living in a shelter.

I’ve been approved for funding. Now what?

Parents may choose any type of child care while participating in the CCPP as long as the provider selected has opted in to serve CCPP participants and has been approved by DEECD to accept children on behalf of the program. MDHS will only pay CCPP-approved providers. Most CCPP-approved providers are reimbursed for the provision of care each month for CCPP-participating children in their center. Some providers are paid by DECCD up-front to maintain a certain number of slots for CCPP-participating children. These providers are called “slot providers.” Slot providers may accept CCPP-approved families at any time if they have open slots in their program. The decision to accept children to fill empty slots resides solely with the owner/operator of the CCPP-approved care facility.

You can learn more about the different types of early care and education settings in Mississippi. To search for CCPP-approved providers, click here. On the search page, select the “Accepts MDHS Subsidy Children” box before submitting your search. Once you choose a provider and your child begins attending that center or home, you must submit a Change in Provider form (available below) before MDHS will pay a new provider should you decide to change where your child receives care.

What else do I need to know?

It is important for CCPP participants to be familiar with the rules and regulations governing the CCPP and the rights and responsibilities of voucher recipients. Please download and review the Child Care Payment Program Policy Manual before you apply for services. Store an electronic or hard copy for yourself to consult later if necessary. Use the links below to access the forms you may need to apply for child care assistance and remain eligible to receive services.


Guardianship Form

Parent Statement of Agreement Form

Parent’s Rights and Responsibilities

Eligibility Checklist

Child Support Verification Form

Reporting Changes in Information to MDHS

Once you have completed an application and are receiving services through the CCPP, please keep MDHS apprised of any major changes in you or child’s life. Use the Change of Family or Child Information form if you are a parent and need to change the information in our files about you or your child related to any of the following:

  • Change your address
  • Report a Change in Household Size
  • Report a Change in Employment
  • Report a Parent or Child Name Change
  • Discontinue Certificate Service

If you are changing the provider for your child care, you must download and complete the Change in Provider form to ensure our records are accurate. This form must be submitted to the MDHS two weeks in advance of any change of provider. Changes not received within the two week time frame will be processed two weeks from date of receipt.


CCPP Policy Manual

Emergency Procedures for CCPP

Economic Impact Statement

Contact Information for the CCPP

Call Toll-Free: 800-877-7882
Mail: DECCD | PO Box 352 | Jackson, MS 39205