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Children and Youth Mental Health Services

The Mississippi Department of Mental Health offers services for parents of young children in five state-operated Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs). Services available at CMHCs include prevention/early intervention programs, crisis stabilization, emergency response, diagnostic and evaluation services, outpatient/home-based services, day treatment, respite services, and more. Prevention programs include home visits, prenatal education, parenting education classes, preschool classes, and sibling intervention groups. These services support vulnerable children of one-parent families, children of parents with mental illness or alcohol abuse problems, children who have been abused/neglected, or children with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Specialized day-treatment programs for children ages 3 to 5 are offered in Jones, Lauderdale, Lee, Lincoln, Madison, Rankin, Simpson, Warren, and Yazoo counties.


Contact: 1-877-210-8513

Ellisville State School

Ellisville State School offers services to people in a residential setting and provides an array of programs and services in the community through the Community Services System. Ellisville State School serves approximately 400 people of all ages, including young children, on the main campus and an additional 1,000 or more in the community. Ellisville State School is the only program in the Mississippi Department of Mental Health that provides comprehensive services to children younger than 5 with intellectual and developmental disabilities for whom residential services are deemed appropriate. Children who are found appropriate for placement must be approved by the Mississippi Board of Mental Health. The board makes the final determination with regard to eligibility for services. Young children receiving services through Ellisville State School are given an individualized plan of care formulated through information obtained from members of the interdisciplinary team, which includes professionals in the areas of medical/nursing, nutrition, psychology, social work, recreation, education, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and audiology, as well as input from parents and family members.


Contact: 601-477-9384

Under 5 Program

Early-intervention services are available at Ellisville State School to infants and toddlers (birth to 3) who have or are at risk for developmental disabilities. Special instruction provides learning activities that enhance the child’s development in all areas: cognitive, self-help, social, communication, and motor skills. The Under 5 program provides comprehensive services to children younger than 5 with intellectual and developmental disabilities for whom residential services are deemed appropriate. Additional services, such as coaching, are provided to parents with infants and toddlers (birth to 3), with a wide variety of delays and diagnoses. All early intervention programs are directly received at Ellisville State School in Jones County.

Special Education Services

Ellisville State School’s Special Education School is a nonpublic, special-education school accredited by the Mississippi Department of Education. The department serves all students who are between the ages of 3 and 21 and who reside at Ellisville State School. A comprehensive educational curriculum that promotes functional skills and adaptive behaviors is provided to all students in an effort to increase their independence and self-sufficiency. Educators also assist in referring children to the public school system when possible in an effort to ensure that all school-age students served by Ellisville State School are in the least restrictive educational environment.

Project RUN (Reaching Us Now)

Project RUN provides early-intervention services to infants and children (birth to 3) who are experiencing developmental delays (such as difficulty in achieving childhood milestones such as rolling over, crawling, walking, talking, self-feeding, dressing, etc.); who have diagnoses known to be associated with developmental delasy (such as Down Syndrome, autism, etc); or who have special needs (such as prematurity or medical complications) that may delay their development. Early intervention promotes development through family support and individualized therapeutic activities. Services available include comprehensive evaluations, special instruction, and speech therapy. Project RUN staff may also provide audiological and nutritional consults, and a therapeutic horseback riding program is offered in the spring and fall. Evaluations and therapy services are play based and typically offered in natural environments such as the child’s home or daycare. Services are confidential and provided at no charge to families. Services for Project RUN are initiated at North MS Regional Center and can be accessed in 23 northern Mississippi counties.


Contact: 662-513-7754 or

The Arc of Mississippi

The Arc of Mississippi is an affiliate of The Arc of the United States, the world’s largest grassroots advocacy organization for citizens of all ages with cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities and their families. The Arc of Mississippi is an advocacy and support organization. The Arc works to include all children and adults with cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities in every community. The organization focuses on abilities, respect, and choice for all and encourages active citizenship and inclusion in every community.


Contact: 601-355-0220