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This page consolidates classroom resources to help providers and directors provide the best education to children in their care. The Mississippi Department of Education is the state agency responsible for meeting the educational needs of Mississippi’s children and youth; many of the resources below are certified by MDE.


Early Learning Standards and Guidelines

The following are guidelines and standards for the implementation of best practices in early childhood classrooms to meet the developmental needs of young students.

Early Learning Guidelines

Early Learning Standards



Choosing a curriculum for your classroom is an important choice. Curriculum packages can be very expensive. It is important to choose a curriculum package that is right for the children in your classroom and that aligns with your program goals. Here are some suggestions from Head Start and from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) on how to choose the best curriculum for your classroom. The Mississippi Department of Education has made recommendations on textbooks and teaching strategies for young children:

Textbooks Recommended by MDE

Other Early Childhood Curriculum Resources

ABC (Free)

Jump Start Curriculum (Free)

Scholastic Curriculum (featuring Clifford)

Mother Goose Time

High Scope Curriculum

FunShine Curriculum

Between the Lions

Learning Box Curriculum

Position Statement on Curriculum from the NAEYC

Early Learning Strategies for Classrooms (4 Year Olds)



Checklists have been developed by MDE based on the guidelines and standards to support administrators, parents, and teachers in observing best practices in early childhood classrooms and monitoring the developmental growth of students.



Kindergarten Transition