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Early Childhood Education in Mississippi: Past, Present, and a Bright Future

December 2018

Over the last four years, the Council led the completion of a comprehensive Needs Assessment, produced a Strategic Plan, and proposed the implementation of a new quality framework. This document highlights the results of these endeavors.

A Family-Based Unified and Integrated Early Childhood System

December 2016

This document outlines Mississippi’s plan for a unified and integrated early childhood system. The early childhood system will be underpinned by common case management and an integrated data system unlike any other in country.

Definitions for Early Care and Learning, Family Support, and Health, Mental Health, Nutrition, Physical Health, and Safety

July 2016

The following documents articulate Council-adopted definitions for key components of Mississippi’s early childhood system. Each definition was developed by the SECAC Committees with significant public input.

Mississippi Blueprint for Early Childhood Education

December 2015

This document includes a summary of each of SECAC’s six goals and specific objectives for cross-system coordination for the 2014-2015 year. Recommendations for coordination and governance are included.

SECAC Annual Committee Report: 2014-2015

December 2015

This document summarizes the reports of the accomplishments of five functional committees of SECAC for 2014-2015. Recommendations for future activities of the committees and future areas of focus for the council are also included in the report.

Surveying the Landscape: Early Childhood Education in Mississippi

December 2015

From the first week in August 2015 until the middle of September 2015, the Standards Committee conducted a survey of 1,612 childcare directors to gather input regarding early learning standards and guidelines, educational and professional credentials, and day-to-day center operations. This document presents the findings and recommendations of this research.

Articulation Agreement Scan

December 2015

This document summarizes information about articulation agreements from more than 10 states to assist SECAC’s review of Mississippi’s early childhood articulation agreements. Common elements, considerations for developing comprehensive agreements, and types of agreements are included in the summary.

Quality Rating Systems Comparison Report

December 2015

This report contains an analysis of three reports about the status of enrollment and participation in the Mississippi Quality Stars program. The first is the result of a set of listening sessions conducted by the SECAC QRS Committee; the second is an evaluation of MS Quality Stars conducted through a contract with the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute; and the third is information from the Mississippi Low Income Child Care Initiative submitted to SECAC. The summary table includes the designs, major findings, and recommendations from each report.

The executive summary distills the information further into key concepts that were common across the three reports, including general statistics about participation in the MS Quality Stars program, findings on participation in MS Quality Stars, recommendations, and a summary of next steps.

Quality Rating Systems Listening Session Report

December 2015

This report summarizes the process and results of the research initiative undertaken by the QRS Committee of SECAC to understand participation in and perception of the MS Quality Stars program. During 2015, the QRS Committee conducted eight public listening sessions throughout the state. This report includes the common themes and recommendations that emerged from each session.